Medical Billing

Healthcare professionals care about their patients and are dedicated to providing the best possible care. Managing the administrative and clinical functions that affect a medical practice’s revenue can be overwhelming, complex, and time-consuming and if not done properly, can have a negative impact on cash flow. Revascent expertise in Medical Billing helps remedy this issue.

Medical Billing - Revascent
Overview of benefits

Manage billing and invoicing all in one place

Revascent is committed to improving the profitability of your practice allowing you to manage cash flow with our easy-to-use, all-inclusive billing management solution that includes; payment posting; claims submissions; denial management; remittance processing and third-party collections.

  • Demographic Entry

    Timely claims payment hinges on accurate demographic information collection and entry. Revascent’s team supports front-end RCM processes in a variety of ways, from entry of demographic information to training staff on industry best practice front-end rev cycle process to assisting with system integrations for transfer of information.

  • Charge Entry

    Our team provides comprehensive charge entry support that goes beyond simple generation of a charge for services. Claims are scrubbed prior to claims submission for common billing and coding errors and billing staff are supported by a team of certified coders to help ensure accurate and compliant capture of services. Our teams‘ daily charge entry process facilitates timely claims payment

  • Claims Submission

    Regimented, low-touch workflows like daily electronic claims submission facilitates faster claims payment when possible. Revascent’s effective management of claim edits during claims submission also ensures cleaner claims for accurate, timely payment.

  • Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

    Revascent’s team of expert billers monitor unpaid accounts, determine action for payment, analyze aging A/R, track claim denials, and monitor billing and payment trends.

  • Payment Posting

    Through enrollment in EDI, ERA, and EFT our RCM team leverages both efficiency and accuracy in payment posting. Dynamic capture of payment information allows our team to not only understand the financial picture of a medical practice but monitor reimbursement trends for proper fee schedule management.

  • Claim Denial Management

    Effective management and tracking of claim denials is paramount in keeping days in accounts receivable low and cash flow healthy. Revascent’s multi-faceted approach to claim denial management includes claims denial analysis for targeted training / education and coder oversight for improved accuracy and timely turn-around of coding related claim denials.

  • Patient Collections

    Collecting payment at the time of service is the most effective way to reduce patient accounts receivable but when patients are left with a balance, our team leverages technology where available to optimize payment options for patients. Revascent partners with clients to implement payment policies, offer payment plans, and provide collection support.

Protect your cash flow with Medical Billing

Protect your cash flow with Medical Billing

We recognize the steep challenges faced by healthcare professionals who devote their lives to their patients, and we're here to alleviate that burden with quality accounting and financial management for your practice with our medical billing services.

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