Patient Portal and Surveys

Revascent’s Patient Portal allows patients online access to their medical records, and our survey allows you to collect customer feedback to improve on your care.

Patient Portal and Surveys - Revascent
Overview of benefits

Improve your patients’ experience and collect feedback

Our patient portal and scheduling services are crucial elements to improve the patient experience and reduce administrative costs. By implementing patient portals and scheduling, we provide your patients with a more convenient and efficient way to access their medical care, and for you to improve it by taking feedback.

  • Access the portal on-the-go

    Our patient portal can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

  • Schedule appointments and take feedback

    Allow your patients to view their medical records, schedule appointments and feedback their experience to their doctors.

  • Restricted access? No problem

    Our mobile patient portal is extremely useful for patients who have difficulty in getting to the doctor's office and need access to their medical records from home.

  • Reduce unnecessary costs

    Reduce administrative costs by eliminating the need for your staff to answer patient questions and schedule appointments over the phone.

A more convenient and efficient way for patients to access medical care

A more convenient and efficient way for patients to access medical care

Our patient portal grants patients access to their medical records and allows them to easily communicate with their doctors outside of the doctor's office. The ability to schedule appointments and provide feedback online saves both your patients time, while also improving the efficiency of your practice, eliminating the need for staff to take phone calls.

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