Laboratory Integrations

Streamline the process for your patients to order and receive laboratory results.

Laboratory Integrations - Revascent
Overview of benefits

Our laboratory interface integrations can help you improve patient care while reducing administrative costs

Revascent offers laboratory interfaces to help medical practices improve the efficiency of their lab workflows. The interfaces are designed to be easy to use and scalable, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each practice. Revascent also offers a variety of support services to help practices get the most out of their laboratory interfaces.

  • Medinformatix Integration

    Ensure that your patients receive their laboratory results in a timely manner with Revascent’s BiDirectional EHR Laboratory Interface, integrated with Medinformatix.

  • Automate lab results delivery

    Revascent’s extensive directory of lab test codes and insurance codes automates the entire lab results process, from electronic orders to results.

  • 3 bi-directional Laboratory Interfaces

    Our three bi-directional laboratory interface covers national labs; regional labs; and any practice’s in-house laboratory information system (L.I.S.).

Elevate your patients’ care with up-to-date lab results sent directly to them

Elevate your patients’ care with up-to-date lab results sent directly to them

Our lab interface integrations are designed to reduce manual entry and paper output associated with lab tests, while helping to increase the quality and precision of healthcare data for your clients.

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