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At Revascent, we climb to new heights in Practice management administration, revenue cycle and technology, propelling our clients' businesses skyward with world class customer service and unparalleled proficiency.

Revascent - About

Our Journey to the Summit

Since our inception in 1983, the Revascent team has been a guiding light in the private medical healthcare space for over four decades. We have lent our support to businesses with streamlined, user-friendly revenue management and billing solutions, first as trailblazers under the banners of DavLong and OnDemandSolutions.

Revascent - Our Journey

Throughout this journey, we've amassed an unrivaled treasure trove of experience and wisdom. Our unwavering dedication to our clients and partners is to lead with integrity and an indomitable commitment to excellence, allowing them to focus on healing patients while we meticulously tend to their accounts and finances.

Our parent company, DavLong, ascended to the industry's summit as the market leader, setting the gold standard for professional revenue-enhancing services. Now, with the dawn of Revascent, we've joined forces with OnDemandSolutions, merging our collective expertise to catapult our clients' businesses to even greater heights.

At Revascent, we hold steadfast to the belief that integrity and the highest professional etiquette form the bedrock of our success. Upholding the pinnacle of professionalism and ethics, we recognize that trust and respect serve as the cornerstones of our enduring partnerships. Our deep commitment lies in forging lasting bonds with our allies, grounded in mutual understanding and shared aspirations. We appreciate the distinct nature of each client's venture, and meticulously tailor our strategies and insights to their precise needs.

With our headquarters located in Boise, Idaho; we support physician group clients across the country. Our team includes seasoned managers, experienced software programmers, billing and collection experts, certified medical coders, hardware and systems technicians, as well as expert support and training personnel.

Proud trailblazers in the revenue management industry, we harness cutting-edge technologies and best practices to ensure our clients always maintain a competitive edge. By offering the most advanced and efficient healthcare management solutions, we empower them to scale new heights of triumph.

At Revascent, our ultimate objective is to propel our clients to their peak potential through a fusion of integrity, collaboration, and innovation.

With unwavering determination, we'll continue to equip our clients with the finest solutions to elevate their revenue. Together, we'll ascend and conquer the mountain of success.

Revascent - Vision


Our vision is empowering medical providers for exceptional patient care and medical advancement.


Our mission is to empower healthcare provider independence through optimized revenue cycle management, technology, practice management, innovative services, and dedicated support. Our commitment to innovation enables us to deliver high-quality services and support that positively impact providers to realize the full potential of their practice and focus on patient care while achieving their goals.

Revascent - Mission
Our values

Integrity. Partnership. Innovation. Three bold values that embody our spirit and describe what it’s like to be part of the Revascent family. These values serve to unify and energize our team as we move forward in the world, bettering the industry – and ourselves.

Lead with Integrity

At the heart of our organization lies a fundamental value - our integrity. We uphold the highest standards of conduct and are committed to honesty, ethical behavior and transparency in all our transactions. Trust is paramount in all our interactions with customers, vendors, partners, and coworkers. You can rely on us to deliver on our promises because we always say what we mean and do what we say.

Committed to Partnership

We recognize that our power and advantage is, and always will be, people. We're a team that's driven to exceed customer expectations and propel our company to success. No challenge is too great, and we collaborate across time zones and push beyond boundaries to meet our customers' needs. At the heart of our approach is building strong relationships, and we're passionate about making a positive impact on our customers' lives.

Inspired by Innovation

We are committed to getting better every day, as individuals and teams. We nurture innovation and are unafraid to take risks that will improve our customers’ businesses, as well as our own.

Our Presence

Proud to be the partner of choice across the US and Canada

Empowering ambitious private medical companies with unwavering commitment. We are confident in our expertise and ability to deliver.

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